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Top 10 Bruh Moments that depicts the Mughal Rule in India

Mughal Soldier - Mr.Bruh
The Mughal Empire is one of the famous and most romantically portrayed empires of India. Moreover, the story of the Mughal rule is mostly whitewashed history which is fed to the Indian audience.
In this blog, we are presenting you bruh moments in the Mughal Empire where the emperors spread terror and fear in the indigenous people and religions of India.
So, let’s get started.

Bruh Moment 1: Babur Raised Tower of Skulls of his Enemies

Mughal Emperor babur - Mr.Bruh

In present-day India, many liberals and “peaceful” people of India consider him a saint. Let me tell you one of his holy deeds.

Babur's battle in northwest India focused on Hindu and Sikh citizens just as non-Sunni sects of Islam. Tremendous numbers of individuals were slaughtered, with the Muslim camps being portrayed as building "towers of skulls of the infidels" on hillocks.

Baburnama, correspondingly records the slaughter of Hindu towns and villages by Babur's Muslim armed force, notwithstanding various deaths of both Hindu and Muslim troopers in the battlefields.
I can understand a king getting people killed in the battle. All rulers do that. But, getting innocent individuals' skulls and building a tower in return?


Bruh Moment 2: Humayun killed his Brother and Forcefully Married a Minor

Mughal Emperor - Mr.Bruh

This would be considered a false fact in India because people in this country have often read whitewashed and biased history.

Humayun had little worries about his brother's sufferings. One of the men was perched on Kamran's knees. He was pulled out of the tent and a lancet was pushed at him. Some lemon juice and salt were put into his eyes. After some time he was put on horseback.

You can envision the savagery and torment that Humayun was equipped for delivering on others when he exposed to his brother to such abominations. Humayun was likewise an addict to opium propensity and an indecent ruffian when it came to ladies. He is likewise known to have hitched a 14-year-old Hamida Begum forcibly.


Bruh Moment 3: Akbar Killed Hindus and Broke sanctuaries and Slaughtered Cows to Humiliate Hindus

Mughal emperor Akbar - Mr.Bruh

Presently let me talk about Saint Akbar.

He is the loved, hyped and venerated fellow by Indian liberals.

During the initial time of his rule, religious violence was spread like wildfire and the most famous is the slaughter of Hindus of Garha in 1560 AD, under the direction of Mughal Viceroy Asaf Khan. And many other battles focused on Chitor and Ranthambhore.

A history specialist Nizamuddin Ahmad recorded the violence during the annexation of Nagarkot (present-day Himachal Pradesh), as follows,
"The fort of Bhun, was conquered and later destroyed. A military of Rajputs, who had began to bite the dust, battled till they were completely chopped down. Various Brahmins, who for a long time had served the temple, never gave one idea to flight and were killed. Almost 200 dark cows having a place with the Hindus, during the battle, had crowded together for cover in the temple. Some savage Turks, while the bolts and shots were falling like a downpour, murdered these cows individually. They at that point removed their boots and filled them with the blood, and cast it up on the rooftop and walls of the temple."

No doubt… that is Akbar for you.


Bruh Moment 4: Akbar was a Womanizer and Took Away Numerous Rajput Women to his Harem

Akbar had an extreme desire for ladies, much the same as his precursors and ancestors. One of Akbar's thought processes during his wars of animosity against different rulers was to appropriate their ladies, little girls, and sisters. The Rajput ladies favored "Jauhar" than to be caught and discourteously treated as servants and courtesans in Akbar's collection of mistresses.

Likewise, he set up a wine shop close to the royal residence and the Meena Bazaar. The whores of the realm gathered at the shop could hardly be checked. This was the situation during Akbar's reign, where liquor addiction, prostitution, and dangerous attacks were allowed by the ruler himself.


Bruh Moment 5: When Akbar Visited Deosa the Whole Village was Empty

Incidentally, do you know that when Akbar visited Deosa to wed Jodha bai, an entire village in the course fled away? For what reason would people escape in fear if at all Akbar was "visiting" Raja Bharmal and that the marriage was suitable and in assent with the lady of the hour's party?


Bruh Moment 6: Akbar Discriminated Between Hindus and Muslims

All through Akbar's rule, temples were destroyed or misappropriated as mosques and cows were butchered in them, as occurred in the battle at Nagarkot. The Hindus were treated as third-class residents in Akbar's rule he ordered the Hindus as unbelievers to wear a patch (Tukra) close to the shoulders, and in this way got the epithet of Tukriya (patcher).


Bruh Moment 7: Jahangir Killed Sikh Guru Arjan Singh and Aurangzeb did the same too!

Mughal Emperor Jahangir - Mr.Bruh

Guru Arjan was executed by Jahangir because the emperor was undermined by the growing power of the Sikh community.

Bhai Mati Das was approached to convert into a Muslim. He answered that Sikhism was valid and Islam was bogus. On the off chance that God had supported Islam, he would have made all men circumcised. He was tied between two posts and keeping in mind that standing erect was sawn opposite head to midsections. He confronted the savage activity with such levelheadedness quietness and fortitude that Sikh scholars added his name for the daily prayers (Ardas).

Dyal Das abused the Emperor and his squires at this appalling demonstration. He was tied up like a bundle with an iron chain and was placed into a huge cauldron of bubbling oil. He was cooked alive into a block of charcoal. Sati Das denounced the brutalities. He was hacked to pieces limb by limb. Jaita a Rangreta Sikh of Delhi collected the remaining parts of these saints and entrusted them to the river Yamuna flowing at a short distance.


Bruh Moment 8: Shah Jahan was a Womanizer like his Ancestors yet he is portrayed as the Perfect Lover in the Modern World

Mughal emperor Shahjahan - Mr.Bruh

The beginning stage to define love or in any case can be to initially take a look at the endless image of adoration, The Taj Mahal. Emperor Shah Jahan built the Taj Mahal for his queen Mumtaz Mahal. Mumtaz was Shahjahan's fourth spouse out of his 7 wives.

I have consistently marveled at the ability of our kings to deal with different spouses for in all common sense, taking care of even one in the present age is an enormous task. Shah Jahan murdered Mumtaz's husband to wed her. At the end of the day, he was dating Mumtaz for quite a while lastly killed the poor spouse to fulfill his craving (Lust).

Ever heard the word morality? Making babies, as we as a whole know, is our preferred game. This dominance was accomplished by the incomparable Emperor Shah Jahan with beguiling savagery by keeping his adored queen pregnant constantly. The poor woman, for love, persevered through this torment for just about fifteen years yet at long last came up short on karma (breath) and died during her fourteenth delivery.

To give the last closure of his affection, Shah Jahan wedded Mumtaz's sister and constructed the Taj Mahal in the memory of his "cherished" spouse Mumtaz. Taking a look at the character of the ruler, he without a doubt probably had been dating Mumtaz's sister. Empress Mumtaz must turn in her grave imagining her significant other's experiences with her sister. Simply wonder where the damnation was love in this?


Bruh Moment 9: Forced Conversion to Islam was a Daily Routine in Aurangzeb's Empire

Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb - Mr.Bruh

Aurangzeb was a religious dogmatist, shrewd, barbarous and fiendish towards Hindus; consistent with the lessons of the Koran. He turned around in each regard a portion of the system benevolent arrangements of his antecedents which depended on Hindu writings.

In the wake of slaughtering his siblings who were nibbled moderate contrasted with Aurangzeb and putting his dad in the jail; savage Aurangzeb assumed full responsibility for the regime and proceeded with his aficionado method for driving an existence of a psychological oppressor Muslim by coercively converting Hindus into Islam and executing the individuals who wanted to follow Hinduism.


Bruh Moment 10: Aurangzeb Killed His Brother for the Throne and considered him Infidel

Dara Shukoh Aurangzeb's elder brother was committed to finding a typical language among Islam and Hinduism.

Towards this objective, he considered Sanskrit, and with the assistance of the Pandits of Kashi, Dara finished the interpretation of 52 Upanishads from their original Sanskrit into Persian, so they could be contemplated and increased in value by Muslims as well, everywhere throughout the world.

Vedas, Puranas, Yoga Vasishta and the Geeta were additionally interpreted from Sanskrit into Persian.
Aurangzeb was an orthodox Muslim and considered his brother an infidel and in the thirst of intensity slaughtered the crown sovereign, Dara, in a fight and attached his royal position.

Aurangzeb sent Dara's cleaved off the head as a blessing to his dad Shahjahan when he was having dinner, after coldheartedly disfiguring it with his sword.

In present-day India Aurangzeb is viewed as a secular king because of the distorted and biased history taught to us.


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